Compatible with NGUI, DF-GUI, uGUI, TextMeshPro and the Unity Standard Components.

Almost everything can be localized: Text, Images, Sounds, Fonts, Prefabs, Animations, Atlases, among others.

Parsing Scenes

By using the batching tools, all scenes can be automatically parsed to find how many times a term is used, what objects are missing the localization data and lot of other useful information to find and fix localization errors.

Edit and Preview

Right from inside the editor all Terms can be listed and modified. Changing the translations and adding new languages. There are lot of visual tips for highlighting localization errors and tooltips to explain each feature.

Sub-Object Translations

The localize component look deep into the targets and allows translating not just the texts, but everything in them. That way Labels can change Text and Font according to the language, while Sprites could modify their Atlas and SpriteName.


While keeping the internal localization data in optimized custom files, spreadsheets can be linked as external sources for easy editing and sharing of translations. Google Spreadsheets, CSV, Excel and Open Office files can be synchronized with just one click.

Translation Modifiers

Concatenation for adding names and values to the translation could break the output as the word order changes based on the language. This plugins provides configurable callbacks for correct concatenation and replacements.

Multiple Sources

Language descriptions can be baked into the App Resources, stored as scene objects or even deployed as Bundles. That allows adding new translations to the game by downloading bundles and reduces memory used by only keeping in memory the translations needed for each scene.

Auto Translation

Any term or language can be automatically translated by clicking a single button or by linking the language source with the Google Spreadsheet's translation features.

Easy Exploring

Countless iteration have target making the editor as easy to use as possible. By using Terms Categories to group the data and multi-filters to combine the visualized groups, exploring and previewing the localization becomes a breeze.

Script Parsing

The plugin automatically finds any constant string used in the scripts and converts them into localized strings. Also, terms can be moved into script constants to get compile time checking for the used terms.

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