I2 Localization has been designed to be very easy to use, storing all the Localization data in a single file that can be directly linked to an Spreadsheet.

Having all the terms and translations inside a single file, allows previewing each translation and avoids the problem of having missing terms in some languages.

However, memory has also been a high priority!

At runtime we don't need to have every language loaded and using memory. That's why the plugin automatically saves every language into a separate file and only keeps in memory what it needs.

Then, as the user changes the current language, these files are loaded and unloaded in the background.

All this process happens automatically and doesn't need any setup. At build time, each LanguageSource is split into separated files in the Streaming Assets folder, then, at runtime (while playing in the device or the editor) the languages are loaded/unloaded as they are needed.

When the source is downloaded from an Asset Bundle or when it failed to save the file at runtime, then at runtime, it tries to save the data it doesn't need into a file in the Temporal Data folder.

This allows having the same memory benefit of having separate files for every language, without the burden of maintaining them all in sync.

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