Localize components should be added to every GameObject that should be localized. After they are added, the Localize component detects what component in the that GameObject can be localized (TextMesh, Image, Label, Sprite, Font, etc) and allows setting which translations should be used based on the device language.

The Target popup its populated with all the supported localizable components.

The Term section allows selecting a Main and a Secondary Term from the Language Sources. The Main Term its used to localize the Label's text, Sprite Image, etc; while the Secondary Term its used to localize the label's font, sprite atlas, etc. That way, its possible to localize the label's text and font based on the language.

Inferred Term

Whenever the Localize component its added to the object, it tries to detect which term should be used based on the Target properties. So for example, when added to a Label, the label's text its used. Given that it is automatically generated, it is called an Inferred Term and its shown in a yellowish color to flag that if the label's text changes, the new text will be used as a term instead.

If a new Term its selected from the popup, the term its set and shown in white to represent that if the Label's text changes, the term will still be the selected one.

Normally once an object has a Localize component, its target's text shouldn't be modified given that it will be change automatically by using the localization in the LanguageSource represented by the term it has assigned.

In case the label its needed to be changed dynamically, the Term should be changed instead of the label's text, and that in turn will modify the label's text to the translation of the term into the device language.

Create, Rename, Filter

Localizing on Awake could result in a delay when the level is loaded but its faster later when objects are enabled.

If the toggle is set to false, it will Localize OnEnable, so will yield faster level load but could have a lag when screens are enabled

Each project has different requirements so it has been exposed this flag to select when the localization is updated.


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