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NEW: I2Languages.prefab is now an ScriptableObject instead of a prefab to avoid the locking issues of Unity 2018.3
FIX: Compatibility with Unity 2018.3
FIX: Plural rules for some Slavic languages were using the wrong settings.

NEW: LocalizationManager.GetCurrentDevice(true) will now force get the Device Language without using the startup language from the cache
FIX: Updated Playmaker actions to new Prefab system
FIX: Menu option: Tools/I2 Localization/Open I2Languages
FIX: When inferring terms, any tag (e.g. <color>) or invalid characters (e.g. ^/\`) are removed to form the term name

NEW: Term's name can now have any of the following symbols ".-_$#@*)(][}{+:?!&'"
NEW: Now the plugin localizes MeshRenderer (Mesh + Material)
NEW: New parameter in the Google Spreadsheet tab to control when to apply the downloaded data (OnSceneLoaded, Manual, AsSoonAsDownloaded)
FIX: Inferring terms with '/' no longer generates a Category
FIX: Updated NGUI target to be compatible with the latest version
FIX: Localize inspector, the options in the dropdown for "ForceLocalize" and "Allow Localized Parameters" were in the wrong order
FIX: Inspector for the Google Spreadsheet tab in the LanguageSource was cutting when the Inspector was too narrow
FIX: Button "Open Source" in the Localize Inspector now works for both LanguageSources and LanguageSourceAssets
FIX: Terms name can now have Non latin letters (e.g. Chinese, Korean, etc), but no symbols, extra spaces, etc

NEW: Now is possible to dynamically create a LanguageSourceData without a LanguageSource and use it at runtime.
NEW: LocalizationParamsManager now have a Manager Type (Local/Global) to define if it applies to ALL Localize or just the one in the same object.
FIX: Term's list is not longer fully expanded all the time.
FIX: Specialization bar in the Term's translations now shows the selected specialization as a tab-button
FIX: Adding new specializations now copies the translation from the current specialization, so the user can create several in sequence.
FIX: Terms can now have any letter, digit or any of the following symbols .-_$#@*()[]{}+:?!&'`,^=<>~
FIX: Removed invalid character from the StringObfucator that were causing build issues in XBox
FIX: RTL Fixer (Arabic, Persian, etc) was detecting tags like <xx>, only [xx]

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