We have 60 seconds to fight them back, Paint all that you can!!

From the notepad in the bedroom, all the way to the exotic levels of China, Brush Master has an explosive adventure full of colors and mayhem.



Cooperative Versus Missions Treasures Bosses Swamps Challenges Power Ups Combos Lighting Brushes


Full online multiplayer coming soon

Join the battle on ANY device and show your friends that you are the Brush Master!




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A racing game full of Painting, Mayhem and Tactics.



Avoiding the classic Get-First-To-The-Line type of racing

game. Brush Master features an open racing battle where

tactics and skills probe to be your allies to win the game by

covering most of the field with your colors by the time the

clock ran out.





Full of Power Ups to improve the speed, double the size,

spawning a bomb mayhem or just hitting the opponents to

slow them down. Brush Master will take the battle thru

crazy levels that will go from the comfort of your bedroom

notebook to exotic temples in China.




Play Local Cooperative or Versus Tournaments, Clashmobs,

Treasure levels, Swamps, Challenges, PowerUps Combos

and now full online multiplayer coming soon.




It makes you fight BIG Bosses and Teams of very small but

lightning-fast Paint Rollers that join to beat you on the

campaign mode.

While also challenging your creative thinking to produce an

incredible game experience.




Play the campaign mode and unlock all the map secrets or

head to the ClashMobs and team with friends around the

world to beat daily missions. Brush master allows you to

challenge your friends on private leaderboards and even

play tournaments with your family on the same



We also hosted a public beta and we got amazing feedbacks:



the fluid and simple controls are only matched by the game’s wonderful graphics” ... Read more

Joe Jasko



incredible gaming experience by challenging your creativity”... Read more

Pabel @ pocket Bus


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