Love shooting? Love Pirates? Love tapping the iPad?


Then enjoy the thrilling adventure of a young sailor that had to shoot his way out of an island after

his ship was wrecked by a pirate attack. 

Are you fast enough to survive the horde and tell the story? Let’s check it out… 





  Keeping the simplicity of the funniest games on the IOS devices, iTapPirate presents an easy to pick

Shoot-Where-You-Tap gameplay that gets rushed by the need of having a fast finger on the reload button

to avoid getting out of ammo on fast fights.



But the world is not your enemy; along the island you will find lot of allies and sailors in distress,

so keep sharp and avoid killing everything that moves! 


Adding more spice into the mix, levels are populated with lot of Power ups to play with, from freezing

the pirates to blowing them up into the sky. Making you feel that surviving an island full of pirates

is like walking in the park, but keep an eye on the leaderboards, because Killing Pirates in an exotic

island has never been so addictive.






See Trailer