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I have an instance of I2Languages.prefab in my scene and imported terms from a Google spreadsheet. Everything is working fine until I play my scene. Even though all terms in the game get translated correctly, the editor seems to replace the reference to my language source.

Apparently there is a placeholder source with a "BANNER" list containing only a "BRAG1" entry in english, spanish and korean. Once Play gets pressed, the Inspector references that source instead of my own. I can fix this by inspecting my I2Languages instance and then going back to the localized gameobject.

I should mention that I am also using NGUI.

Even though this is not breaking the game and everything is working fine, I tend to get a bit nervous when I regularly see red exclamation signs. :-) Any ideas if I am doing something wrong or if this is a bug in I2 ?
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10 years 1 week ago #91 by Frank
Don't place the instance of the I2Languages in the scene.

The plugin already loads the I2Languages prefab from the Resources folder on startup because that specific prefab its meant to be the "global" source.

Most of the time you will only need to select that prefab and edit it without adding it to the scene. Every term will be available on ALL scenes.

You only need to add a source to the scene when you want some terms to be available only on specific scenes to reduce the used memory or to download the terms using bundles after the game was deployed. And even on that case, try creating a new language source and not instantiating the I2Language prefab.

When you are in the editor, the localize component tries finding the term in the last selected source. But if you have your terms defined in a source inside the scene it may sometimes try using the I2Language source prefab instead.

At the bottom of the Localize component inspector, there is a place to select the source that the term is defined in. If you localize component is not picking the right one, drag into that property the correct source and it will always use that one.

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10 years 1 week ago #92 by Kerozard
That worked like a charm. Thank you.

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