GDoc Export issues - language randomization

9 years 6 months ago #350 by Jos

I've updated to the latest beta on the g+ page. I'm having strange issue where the language order is changing some times while importing and exporting to the google spreadsheet. And very strangely, the content of the column isn't changing, just which language that col represents. So i'll suddenly have my German text coming through, when it was english before. Again, no loss of data, just the column headers/language changing in what seems to be random ways.

Sorry that i don't have any other specifics wrt how to trigger it - i am both adding items, and categories, on the editor side and new keys only on the spreadsheet side. And have mostly been using the Add New, rather then merge or replace.


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9 years 6 months ago #351 by Frank
There was a bug on the 2.3.0 WebService that makes that happen when using AddNew or Merge.
2.3.1 solves that issue but you have to install the WebService again because the issue was not in the Unity side.

This topic explains the issue a bit more and a work around/fix

Remember, after installing 2.3.1 you also have to delete the WebService from your Google Drive and install it again. Normally you don't need to do that, but 2.3.1 made changes in the WebService as well.

Please let me know if you have any further issue or need more explanation on any of the steps.


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