Totally messed up prefabs

2 years 10 months ago #4300 by ace
First of all, liked the tool, thanks.
However I've been experiencing serious problems on prefabs since day 1, gave up the plugin but thought ok let me give it a try again every single new project.

Anyways, the specific problems is:

when changing language in game (testing in editor), the entire language is then set to any language, which is of course intended;
Once closed, every one of the Localize component are saved to every level of prefab(meaning all in scene, including their dependencies).

Not only does the Localize component is changed, but the text component are changed as well, resulting in overrides of properties.

I have somewhat mid amount (say ~100) prefabs, with nested ones as well, reverting everything back takes about 30min.

I've tried to just avoid testing in editor, but some times it's just tempting :/ so there we go, another hour wasted.

Please someone tell me this is my mistake, not the plugins. I do want to believe it's that way.


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2 years 3 months ago #4761 by damelin
Replied by damelin on topic Totally messed up prefabs
I am in a similar situation. I have a lot of prefabs with TextMeshPro objects and I2Localize script on them. Since I'm doing the setup for multiple languages I often need to open these prefabs to tweak font size or text rect size.

But I think there is a way to messed things if you:

1. Assign a string to a text component (a string that represent a key in the translation table)
2. Add I2Localize script
3. Everything looks fine but the I2Localize script won't properly saves it's mTerm (sometimes?)

Maybe we have to add the I2Localize before setting the text's key?

Also, maybe the i2's language should always be the default one when the editor isn't in play mode

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