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5 years 5 months ago #205 by Livealot
After adding the i2 localize component to a label, I love the prompt to "Add Term to Source". That's a great way to create new terms as you work through the project. I noticed however that the new term appears yellow in the term selector when it's first created. You can add that same term to other labels, but they will also be yellow.

And it seems that when they are yellow, they will not appear in the Used count when you parse the scene. To get them to appear as Used, I had to go back into each component and click the term drag down and reselect the same term, which made it white in the dialog, and made it's count register in the Source editor.

Bug or feature? Am I missing a step?

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5 years 5 months ago #219 by Frank
Replied by Frank on topic Yellow Add Term to Source

The Yellow warning sign is shown for terms that are used by are not included on the Language Source.

The default Language Source used by the plugin is the one stored as a prefab in the Resource folder (I2Languages.prefab). It is advised to add all your localization into that Language Source as it will be global to all of your scenes.

If you need to have a LanguageSource object added to your scene it will be only a local localization. If you have a LocalizeSource in your scenes, then the "Add term to source" will sometimes not be able to identify to which source the term has to be added to. It can add it to the source in your scene or to the global source.

If the term gets added to the global source in the resources and then you click the source in your scene, the term will be displayed with the warning sign as it is used but its not included in that source.

You can change the source that is linked to each Localize component by assign it to the ObjectField that is at the bottom of the Localization component inspector (next to the "Open source" button)

All that may be a bit confusing and I know the documentation is scarce to say the least. I will focus on releasing a set of small videos showing each and all of the features of the plugin. Similar to how Unity is doing it in its tutorial section.

I hope that will help better

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5 years 5 months ago #220 by Livealot
Replied by Livealot on topic Yellow Add Term to Source
From a workflow perspective, after I click "Add Term to Source" on a new label, I just immediately click it again in the term drop down which changes it from yellow to white, and is ready to attach to any other labels in the scene. That might be good to show in your tutorial video.

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