Spreadsheet not exporting in 'Last modified' order

4 years 2 weeks ago - 4 years 2 weeks ago #2512 by jimmyt3d
Hi Frank,

When exporting to Google spreadsheet, the resulting spreadsheet has always been ordered in the order in which the keys were created in the plugin.
This has always worked really well for me, as a lot of the keys has been translated in the order they were made so it made it very easy to have all the new, untranslated text in a block at the bottom.
Also, this is the order the spreadsheet was in when I sent it away for translation.

Today I have set up a new Google account and set up a new webservice etc, now when I export the same keys to the new sheet, they all appear in alphabetical order, which is completely different from the order I need it to be in.

Can you advise how to get it back into 'Last modified' order?

v2.7.0f1 - Unity 5.3.5

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4 years 1 week ago #2513 by Frank
Can you please update to 2.8.0f2? (its now in the AssetStore).

I tried Importing from google and then exporting back, and the order is kept as it was (no sorting). Some versions ago I stopped sorting automatically in order to speed up the import/export with google. Although I don't remember it that was in 2.7.0 or before it.

Said that, exporting to Google Spreadsheet doesn't sort, but exporting to CSV (local file) does apply sorting to make the spreadsheet easier to manage. If you want to disable that behavior (for local spreadsheets), you can comment the sorting code at Assets\I2\Localization\Scripts\Google\LanguageSource_Export_CSV.cs
line 110-117

Hope that helps,

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