Scripting Define Symbols gets deleted after saving

5 years 2 months ago #179 by grit
Dear Illusionists,

I am using your loca plugin with the TK2D plugin.
It did not work right away after installation, so I checked your documentation and found the hint to either use "Enable Plugins" in the Tools menu or to type "TK2D" into the scripting define symbols in the player settings. The latter works, however, when I save the scene or the project (or just after some time?), the entered "TK2D" just disappears. The same happens by the way, when I do "Enable Plugins": the entry just goes away. And then obviously the localization does not work any more. Right now I have to type the "TK2D" entry again and again, which is a little annoying. Do you have any idea, why this happens or a suggestion what I could do instead? (Or is this a Unity bug? But I did not find the issue posted anywhere.)

Thank you very much,

PS: Besides this little problem, I really appreciate your nice plugin.

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5 years 2 months ago - 5 years 2 months ago #182 by Frank
When the plugin runs the EnablePlugins() it tries finding the class "tk2dTextMesh" and if that class is found, then the TK2D definition is added to the Scripting Define Symbols.
If that definition is removed automatically from time to time, it means the plugin can't find the tk2dTextMesh class.
Are you using the latest tk2d version?
It can also be the case that the i2 localization or the tk2d was moved into the plugins folder?

In any case, until we can find why its happening to you, you can go to the UpgradeManager.cs file and
comment the EnablePlugins call in the CheckPlugins function.

It should be like:
		static void CheckPlugins()
			EditorApplication.delayCall -= CheckPlugins;
		//	EnablePlugins();			


Are you :-) Give I2L 5 stars!
Are you :-( Please lets us know how to improve it!
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5 years 2 months ago #183 by grit
Dear Frank,

thank you for your quick reply.

Yes, I am using the latest version of TK2D: 2.4.0.
And yes, I moved it to the plugins folder before. If I remember correctly, I did it, because I am using a lot of JS scripts and I had some compiling order issues otherwise.

Commenting the EnablePlugins call solves the problem for now.
If you think, I should handle the issue in another way, please let me know.

Thank you very much,

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