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5 years 3 months ago #151 by Jos
Spreadsheet Workflow. was created by Jos
Have been working with the localization component for a bit now, and am finding the use of the import/export to google spreadsheets both wonderful but also limiting. Just having some clarity around the rules will help, and then i have some suggestions.

I'm never sure if import/export is destructive - i'm almost 100% sure that it is on export - anything you have in the spreadsheet gets over-written when exporting. I'd like to know if this includes items which are not part of the local DB. For example, in the spreadsheet i have a row which does not exist in the Unity project, when i export, does that row get removed?

Equally, when i do an import, does it replace all existing items? Replace new items?

I think what i would like is an Additive option when importing/exporting. This would allow for the addition of _new_ stuff to an existing set of stuff, rather then absolutely over-writing whatever is there. I think this would get me 80% of the way to a "perfect" solution (where everything is updated/synced perfectly all the time), which is beyond the scope of this tool, and mostly impossible anyway. :)

Thanks again,

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5 years 3 months ago #152 by Frank
Replied by Frank on topic Spreadsheet Workflow.
Actually, that's exactly what I'm working on right now.
I'm modifying the Import/Export, and adding a few options to easy working with outside spreadsheets.

The additions I'm working on include:

- Options for (merge, replace or update) when importing or exporting.

- Detecting and behaving correctly when the external spreadsheet doesn't have the correct format (Term, Type, Description, Lang1, ...)

- Allowing flagging some translation as generated (NoReviewed, Automatic, ReviewedByHuman) so that you could keep track of which translations are temporal, or set by using a program to translate, or reviewed by a human translator.

Let me know if you think on any other featured that is needed when importing/exporting

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5 years 3 months ago #154 by Jos
Replied by Jos on topic Spreadsheet Workflow.
That all sounds quite excellent. I hadn't thought about the "type" for the translation's, and having meta-data regarding that would be very helpful.

One other thing might be to have a view-changes - ie. a non-applying way to see the "diff" between the Spreadsheet and the local store. So you can be sure that you are going to apply what you want, with no surprises.

That is about the only thing i can think of (right now! ;) ) which is missing, you seem to have covered most of the workflow stuff that was problematic. Nice job, and thanks!


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