ScriptLocalization code generation feature request

6 years 2 months ago #96 by Jos

When using the Script tool to create the runtime values, it would be helpful to sanitize the inputs. Even something as simple as adding underscores to spaces, or simply removing spaces from existing keys would help. I realize that this may then cause key collisions, but that case would be pretty rare, and you could trap for it. However, it would increase the usefulness of the ScriptLocalization tool in a huge way. While i am a programmer and understand the importance of naming conventions, not all my Designers do, and if the tool could help me (via space replacement) it would be great.

Low importance feature request.


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6 years 2 months ago #99 by Frank
You are absolutely right about that!
The terms could include invalid characters that will generate compiling errors.

I will add some type of sanity checks on the terms before generating the list. Either using the standard functions to generate URL compatible strings or some alternative method.

Thanks for spotting that case!

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