Automatically added way too many languages to APK

4 years 1 month ago #1447 by kylerwk
I just pressed the "Store Integration" Button for my game. I created a new APK and uploaded it to the App store.

Now the Google play store is saying that I've added 80+ languages to my app, when I should only be adding something like 9 or 10? Why does it seem to be adding every possible language? And not just the ones I've actually setup?



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4 years 1 month ago - 4 years 1 month ago #1448 by Frank
Whenever you click the Store Integration button for Android, the plugin generates for each supported language a folder named
Assets/Plugins/Android/I2 Localization/res/values-xx (where xx is the language code, e.g. values-en)

Those folder is what Android uses to detect which language the game supports.
Could you check that there aren't more folders there than the number of languages you have?
If there are more, could you please delete Assets/Plugins/Android/I2 Localization and click the Store Integration button again? That should solve the problem if there were some left over languages. Please, let me know if that was the issue.

Also, please notice that it could be that Android is reporting the Language Variants as well. When you add support for English, Android could be adding 10 variants (en-US, en-CA, etc). Even if you don't manually add the specific variants, Android is able to fallback to regular English if there is the variant the user uses in its phone its not built in the game.
So, from those 80 languages that are reported, it could be just the case only 10 languages are really added.

The other possible thing happening, is that you have another plugin installed that is adding the Languages to your project and now that I2 Localization enables localization for your game, then they are reported as supported. If my memory doesn't fail me, I have seen that happening with Everyplay (that has built localization for tons of languages), so I had to open Everyplay and manually delete the languages I didn't need.

Hope that helps,

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4 years 1 month ago #1452 by kylerwk
I checked the Assets/Plugins/Android/I2 Localization/res/values-xx and it has the values I would expect.

I'm not using any other plugins for localization work.

Google play is detecting languages I definitely haven't added such as Zulu code:Zu

Let me know if you have any other ideas.

Thanks for the quick replay

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