TextMeshPro 0.1.52 Beta 3.1

4 years 3 weeks ago #1199 by Frank
The latest beta of TextMeshPro (0.1.52 Beta 3.1) renamed a few classes, that's why the plugin will give compile errors when looking for the old ones.
I updated the plugin to support the new version and uploaded a new build (I2 Localization 2.6.4 a1) to the beta folder.

With the new changes, to enable the integration with TextMeshPro, when using version 0.1.52 Beta 3.1 the scripting define symbols must include TextMeshPro, but when running an older version of textMeshPro, the define symbols should include TextMeshPro_Pre53 instead.

I also updated the UpgradeManager, so that when selecting from the menu
Tools\I2 Localization\Enable Plugins\Force Detection
it will detect the TextMeshPro version and will add TextMeshPro or TextMeshPro_Pre53 to the Scripting define symbols.

Hope that helps!

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