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I just updated Unity to 5.3 and downloaded the I2 2.6.2.f1 from the asset store.(updated from version 2.6.0 f1)

We already used I2 for some time now and the Language source file is full. So I figured out that replacing all the files except the Global Language Source prefab would be ok.

After the update the terms are still there but everything else stopped working. GetTermData constantly returns null, I2.Loc.ScriptLocalization.Get("") is also returning empty string because of that... term.Languages.Length is somehow = 8, even if I have only 2 languages set (as it is visible also in the localization source)...

If I do any change the Language source file does not change.

I cannot see where I did something wrong? Did I missed something?
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4 years 9 months ago #1170 by Frank
Replied by Frank on topic Upgrade problem
When doing a reinstall, its adviseable to also delete the Common folder and export the language source to a csv file or to google, then after reinstalling, just import everything back to the language source.

Here are the correct steps for upgrading: www.inter-illusion.com/forum/i2-localiza...-asked-questions#837

In the next version I'm going to be adding a change to simplify upgrading. I'm going to be moving the I2Language prefab to outside of the I2 folder, so that reinstalling the plugin be as simple as deleting that folder and installing the package without having to deal with I2Language changes.

Nonetheless, the issue you are reporting is really weird. Do you another language source instantiated in your scene? or another I2Languages.prefab or other global source in your project?

If you restart the editor, does it still report 8 languages? Anyway, importing the spreadsheet back should solve that issue.
Hope that helps,

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4 years 9 months ago #1173 by SimonAL
Replied by SimonAL on topic Upgrade problem
It was a strange bug, I did not used any other sources (local), only one global LS... I don't have more information, but I did like you suggested...

Deleted everything, created a new global source file, imported the terms from csv (fortunately i have backups :). It looks ok now... I hope.

It would be cool to have an automated upgrade process for the source file :)

Thanks for the help.

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