Implement smart text wrap for translations

4 years 8 months ago #1060 by hunleyexpress
The Unity text best fit does not work intuitively (or correctly) since you cannot clamp the horizontal to a max width or a maximum number of lines. So, If I have set my english text to best fit with a max of 30 it looks good. But, when I add the German translation it seems to do best fit on the english *before* the translation so my German either overflows or wraps, depending on the setting. It would be nice if the I2 plugin would re-calc the best fit size *after* the translated text is in place. Currently I have to make all the languages smaller to accommodate the longest language.

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4 years 8 months ago #1066 by Frank
I may not be following you correctly. I agree with you that the bestfit option of the Unity UI Text missbehaves and it breaks from time to time, more so if combined with different horizontal/vertical alignments.
However, I was doing some test in the example UI scene and the plugin seemed to be behaving correctly.

What I did was:
1- Opened the uGUI Localization Example scene.
2- for the "Basic Text" term I left the english translation as it was, Added 4 more lines to the spanish translation and made the french, only 5 characters long.
3- Selected the Text object that has the Basic Text assigned and enabled BestFit, also set the overflows to Wrap and Truncate.

If I execute the scene after that and change between the languages, I always get the text inside the text boundaries. The English is fine, the Spanish (as it is 5 lines) becomes small, and the french grew accordingly.

I may be missing some step, as I'm not able to get the issue where the bestfit is not recomputed for the new text.

Can you please, describe what steps should I follow, or setup the uGUI Localization scene to reproduce the issue and email it to me?
I'm about to release a new update and will like to include a fix for this issue so you could move forward without having to do a workaround.

Thanks a lot,

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4 years 8 months ago #1068 by hunleyexpress
Hi Frank, the problem I ran into is more when you need to keep things constrained. And I am perfectly willing to believe that I just did something wrong and fixed it by hitting it with a hammer, so to speak.

So, make a square button (mine is 128x128) with the word 'SAVE' centered in X and Y on it. Set to best fit and a range. I'm using the "URW++ - Eurostyle-Reg2" font, so 5-28 with a default text size of 14 were my params. SAVE filled the button nicely without going over. Set the German translation to 'SPEICHERN'. For me it did mid-word wrapping and put it onto two lines or overflow made it go wider than the button. What I want is to keep it on 1 line and not word wrap, but shrink it instead within my limits. It should only do mid-word wrapping if the smallest size I set can't fit. My fix is to clamp the maximum so German fits (5-24, instead of 5-28). It works, but English is smaller than it needs to be and doesn't look as nice. I haven't proven, but it looks like the word wrap determination is done based on fitting english or some other order of operations issue.

Does that make more sense? Am I just doing something wrong?

BTW: I am still using the 2.5.0f1 on Unity 4.6.8f1 because we have a release going out the door. One of the plugins failed on Unity 5.2.1f1. We will be upgrading both as soon as this is out the door.

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