Google Spreadsheet import fails for my project

5 years 3 months ago #590 by Frank
Sorry for the delay, I didn't check support [at] as I normally get the emails at inter.illusion [at] that's why I couldn't find the spreadsheet you send me.

Given that all languages are named "source", even when they have different codes assigned, they are treated as the same language as that's why importing from Google was only showing 1 language.

I tried creating a csv file and couldn't find a way to make it use "source" instead of the language in the csv file. I'm attaching here an example that I created, make sure that your initial CSV file has a similar format.

Also, once you load the csv into the Language Source, you can go to the language tab and you can change the language code, but that will not change the language name, because that way you can name a language as its best for your game
(e.g. Language Name "Awesome people from Canada" Code: "en-CA")

BTW, I have spend this last couple days re-factoring how the languages and codes are shown/used and you will see lot of improvements in this new version (2.4.5).

Now every regionalized language also has the base language in the dropdown (e.g. "English") so its easy to select languages and discard the regions. Also the language code is shown next to each language in the popup and a separator is displayed to highlight the base language.

Hope that helps,

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