'Arial' appears in terms?

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I couldn't find this in the documentation either. But for some reason the terms automatically adds a new term 'Arial'.

According to the documentation the secondary tab is optional. But it isn't for me. Am I doing something wrong or is this another Unity5 problem?

Optionally by selecting the Secondary Termas well, the Font can be changed depending on the language.
Secondary Term are target dependent and will localize Fonts when attached to a Label, Atlases when attached to an Sprite, etc

Update: noticed something else during run-time:
It seems that the translated text becomes the new term-key. So when I translate the the server-button (with the localization component on the button's text-component) with the key "Server" to "Maak Server", then "Maak Server" becomes the new term-key (which is not desired).
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5 years 3 months ago #569 by Frank
Replied by Frank on topic 'Arial' appears in terms?
Actually that's a "by design" feature, although it maybe useful to differentiate with colors the inferred terms when they are from the secondary tab.

Every time you open the source, all the term within that source are shown. Also, the plugin scans the scene and adds to the list of the terms that are not in that source but can be added. It gets the text of labels or the spritename of images when the primary term is not used, also the font name or atlas name is added when the secondary term is not selected.

On the source list, those "inferred" terms are shown with a yellow exclamation sign. So that you can easily spot terms that are not already set, but that you may want to add. This can be useful, as most of the time you want to also localize the font for different languages (Latin langs, Chinese, etc).

If you want to avoid seen those yellow signs, you can uncheck the button "Missing" on the top of the list area.

However, now that you mention it, it could be useful, to have different colors, for when the term is used as primary vs secondary and allow filtering by that as well.

Hope that helps,

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