Korean, Chinese, Japanese not working

3 years 3 months ago #4227 by Niroan

I have made 5 different fonts inside my app.
One is for everything other than Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese.

If i take the font and assign it directly to the TMP text object, i can see the font been translated.
But when i use your guide to automatic assign them its not working.
Every font is set to Static under TMP.

If i manually set the font to lets say Chinese Font, then when i change to all other languages its working.
There is something wrong?

Can i please get a fix for this, i spend 3 days now trying to make it work pulling out my hair.
It suppose to be the best asset for your game, right now i feel retarded when i follow a guideline then its not working.

Another thing that is not working is when you set Chinese Traditional then EVERYTIME you start application its auto sets to that language even though your app is English and auto detect.

Looking forward for and answer

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2 years 8 months ago #4427 by chaosmonger
Hello, I'm bringing back this post because I'm having troubles changing font based on language.
Basically on your guide is written "On each localized label, assign the created term to the Secondary Term field."
Is that the only way to do it? I've tons of labels so I thought that assigning one per font was enough.
In fact the term is created and assigned, for instance font term "FantasieArtistique", but then is not automatically assigned to each label... See this example:

Label on which I set it manually

Label on which I expect the font to be automatically updated

As you can see the fonts in the second picture somehow are there and recognized, but not assigned in-game.
Is that the normal behavior? Or for some reasons is not working?
Do I really need to assign them manually to each labels in my game?
Or at that point I should write a custom script to change it for me based on the language selected?


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2 years 8 months ago #4428 by Frank
Most likely the problem you are seeing is that the fonts reference was saved in just one of the Localize components instead of the LanguageSource.
Please, check the Global and Local Assets in this link to understand how that works.

Basically, if you setup the term assets from the Localize component inspector, then the plugin things you are only need those references for that GameObject and keeps the references local to that Localize component.
If instead you setup the term fonts using the LanguageSource inspector, then the references are thought as Global and every Localize component can use them.

Hope that helps,

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2 years 8 months ago #4442 by bbrhoekstra

I'm having the same or comparable issue as the person above.
I did the font as a secondary localization term, so it's global. All translations work on my machine (in editor and build), but other teammates and testers (I would say it's 50/50) can't see any language that uses a different font (so Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian).

Can you help out?


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