Turning off auto-update via script.

7 months 2 weeks ago #4015 by Cvita
As far as I understand now, my online app (APK) will auto update from Google Spreadsheet. If there are any changed translations, they will automatically be updated. Is that correct?

I will assume that it is. So my questions is: how can I turn off this auto-update during run mode on the device (via script of course)?

Reason for this is that I am doing a build for asian market and I can't have it contact outside (especially not google). But I want this to be disable only when making this build (for all others I'd like to have it enabled) so I thought it would be the easiest to just do via a script.

Please let me know what you think!

Kind regards,

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7 months 2 weeks ago #4019 by Frank
Currently there is no way to skip the auto update on startup if it was scheduled. For the next release I'm going to add a callback to allow you customize that.

For the moment what you can do is:
- Disable Google Live Synchronization by default (set it to NEVER)
- Create an script in one of your first scene game objects and in its Start method do:
   if (ShouldSyncFromGoogle())
       LocalizationManager.Sources[0].GoogleUpdateFrequency = eGoogleUpdateFrequency.Weekly;
       LocalizationManager.Sources[0].Import_Google(false, false); 

- Define ShouldSyncFromGoogle to return false in the Asian markets, etc.

Hope that helps,

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