Translate all terms to all languages with Google Translate

1 year 2 days ago #3802 by paulsamson
I'm using I2 Localization for a story driven adventure - and it seems like a great plugin!

However I have thousands of terms and need them in 20 languages... and I want to try to Google Translate them.

- I can't use the Terms tap and on each term hit the [Translate All] button, that would take to long time.
- I can't use the Languages tap, hitting [Translate] button to all the languages. It just says "Translating 18326...", but seems to die at some point. Also it would be a drag to do for each of the 20 languages.

So I want to hear how I can get all the terms translated to all the 20 languages?

I'm quite a skilled programmer and I've found those buttons in the code, but it seems quite hard to translate them into a translate all batch...

Any hints and ideas are most welcome!

Thanks so much in advance!

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1 year 1 day ago #3803 by Frank
One of the downsides of using the free tier of Google services is that there is a limit of how many translations can be requested in a short time.
Thats why the editor, sends all the translations in smaller batches, and once it reaches the time limit, then it keeps trying until there is no more translations. But when having thousands of terms, it can take a while.

A more reliable way of translating all the terms is by using the Spreadsheet:
1- Export the terms to Google Spreadsheet
2- Add a GOOGLETRANSLATE formulae to all of the cells (basically, just translate the first column [i.e. english] into the language of the column you are in (first row of that column).
3- Wait for google to complete all translations
4- Import back to Unity

Hope that helps,

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11 months 3 weeks ago #3827 by paulsamson
Sorry to leave you hanging! It worked like a charm!

To others, that might be reading this, a GOOGLETRANSLATE formulae is kind of like:

Thanks a lot!

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