In Game Dynamic Translations: does it have limits?

3 months 2 weeks ago #3694 by giorgiodeluca
I would like to use the function In Game Dynamic Translations in my app android / ios:

I would like to know if there are limits to how Google can use the number of words you can translate

thank you

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3 months 2 weeks ago #3703 by Frank
Dynamic traslation uses the Google LanguageApp service to access the translate features.
It behaves similar to using the website and has similar limitations.

According to the documents, the limit for each translation should be of no more of 3K characters per translation. But according to my own testing, its way more reliable if the characters don't exceed 1K (in each request).

As for the amount of translations. There is a time quote, but seems to change based on the current Google bandwidth. I ran a few tests and was able to send docens of requests consecutively without issue.
But then, some other times, I was receiving a notification of too many requests in a short time, just after 5 or 6 requests in a row.

Thats why its hard to place a hard limit. But notice that if you receive the error message, you can wait 2-5 seconds and try again. After that time, the translations resumed normally.

Thats the incovenience of dealing with the free tier of google translate. If you need a more reliable access, you could call directly the Google Cloud Translation API.

Hope that helps,

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