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3 months 3 weeks ago - 3 months 3 weeks ago #3674 by TheWanderingBen
Hey there,

First off, thanks much for the asset! Been using it for a little over a week and it's doing exactly what we need so far! I'm running into a small usability issue, though, and I figure I'm maybe doing something wrong? I searched the Localization topics on this forum and haven't seen this question come up:

We have a bunch of UI prefabs that are essentially the same code, just display different data (i.e.: this panel displays Food, that panel displays Water -- same code, just different data values set in the editor). For these prefabs, we set our LocalizedString properties in the Inspector, so that each instance knows what strings to show. Pretty simple:

public LocalizedString panelInfoDisplayString;

My problem is: we already have a lot of localized terms, and our list is only going to grow. Using LocalizedString properties in this way, the Inspector just shows a PropertyDrawer with a loooooong list of terms, with no way to type or search for a term.

I'm wondering: am I using LocalizedString objects incorrectly? Is there a better way to do this?

If not, can the Search functionality from the Localize component be added to this PropertyDrawer? Scrolling through the terms is excruciatingly slow!

Thanks much!
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3 months 3 weeks ago #3675 by Frank
Yes, when having lots of Terms is really hard to select the one you need from that long list.
I2 Localization uses the standard Unity Popup control, which is not designed to handle that many elements.

In the past I have recommended, is to add categories to your terms. That way, the big list is split into more manageable chunks, but its still not so convenient.

One of the things I have in my todo list for the next releases, is to work on improving the inspector and general UI. There is a lot of sections that need a bit of "love" to fix wrong sizes, coloring, etc. As part of that process I'm going to prioritize making that popup more usable by turning it into a custom control, having a filter at the top of the list so that you could narrow the list to only the elements you need.

Hope that helps,

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3 months 3 weeks ago #3677 by TheWanderingBen
I had no idea about Categories!

You're right this solution isn't perfect, but it helps a lot. Previously I was using implicit categories by creating strings like AAA_BBB_CCC -- but this is much cleaner and helps on the creation side.

Thanks much!

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