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3 months 4 weeks ago #3659 by dwebb
Google doc editor sync was created by dwebb
Currently looking into the google docs abilities of I2, have set it up fine, but:

Can I force the editor to grab the google spreadsheet so it is up-to-date?

Theres an option called "In-Editor check Frequency", but this never seems to update the localisations?

Is the only way to update in the editor to press the import button? Any way I can force this to happen on Editor startup?

Version v2.8.12 F1

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3 months 3 weeks ago #3676 by Frank
Replied by Frank on topic Google doc editor sync
Sorry for the late reply!

There is no current way to automatically download the data when the Editor is opened.
The "In-Editor check Frequency" is designed to warn you when the editor source is not up-to-date with the google spreadsheet, so that the developer know it has to go and import it.
This was done because downloading the data can take some time depending on your connection and developers may not want to have that process running in the background without they knowing and potentially slowing down the editor without notice.

Said that, I could add another option (not just the "In-Editor check Frequency"), that not only shows the warning, but opens a popup with the warning and an Import or Cancel button. So, that if a change is detected, you could download the new data right away or do it manually later.

Will add that to my todo list for one of the next releases.
Hope that helps,

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