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11 months 1 week ago #3594 by GuruGurra
Cache file cleanup was created by GuruGurra
When developing a new version I sometimes create a new spreadsheet version not to mess with released versions of the app. I have noticed that when the updated version is released, I get a new version of the local cache file (*.loc file) while the old .loc file is still present.

If I don't write code to "manually" remove old cache files, will they remain forever? If I should remove old files, how do I know which file that is the currently used file?

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11 months 1 week ago #3603 by Frank
Replied by Frank on topic Cache file cleanup
The .loc files are just temporally files used by the plugin at runtime to save memory.
They are generated automatically when the app starts, so, you can safely delete all files, the plugin will generate the correct ones again.

Said that, the plugin should be deleting them when the app exists or is restarted with a new setting. But I guess that if the game crashes or is forcibly stopped it can leave some residual files (which should be deleted the next time the app opens, unless you are installing a new version).
I will add code to automatically detect when there are old .loc files and delete them.

That should be included in the next beta.
Hope that helps,

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