Auto-update no longer working?

11 months 1 week ago #3591 by RavenAB
In our recently launched app we're relying on the auto-update of the Google sheet. However, it seems the auto-update feature has stopped working. We're running 2.8.11f1 (the second latest). Nothing in the release notes of 2.8.12 indicates there would be a fix for the auto-update though.

Update interval: Daily (I've also tried Always with the same result)
Tried on: Android and iOS
Google timestamp correct in sheet: Yes

Fresh installs or clearing data does not help. This is rather urgent.

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11 months 1 week ago #3592 by Frank
Recently there was introduce a new option to avoid having lags when applying the downloaded data.
Next to the Update Frequency, there is the "Update Synchronization" which controls when the downloaded data is applied.

Update Synchronization can be set to:
AsSoonAsDownloaded : As soon as the new data is downloaded, it applies and relocalizes everything (this was the old behaviour, but can cause a lag if the relocalization happens while you in the middle of a game)

OnSceneLoaded: This delays the relocalization until a loading happens. That way its quarateed that you are inside a gameplay, so a bit of lag will be ok as its part of the scene loading.

Manual: Data is downloaded, but is not applied until calling LocalizationManager.Sources[0].ApplyDownloadedDataFromGoogle(). This allows you to schedule the relocalization until a moment that makes more sense for your game.

In the new releases, the setting is set to OnSceneLoaded, so the downloaded data will not be applied until you change scenes (Main Menu->Game->Menu, etc)

Hope that helps,

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11 months 1 week ago - 11 months 1 week ago #3593 by RavenAB
OK, it's unfortunate that this change was made and not clearly mentioned as a warning anywhere near the setting. Our app is already released (and it's a one scene app), and we were counting on the behavior to be consistent with how it was in earlier versions.

Anyway, thank's for clarifying.
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