TextMesh Pro rich text not working

11 months 1 week ago #3586 by NewJohnny
I would like to include a copyright symbol in my localizations for a Textmesh Pro component but there seems to be an issue doing this in runtime. The text in question is "Copyright \U00002202 2019". This displays as "Copyright © 2019" on first run but then loses the rich tag on language change.

- Typing directly into TMPro text field works.
- Typing into an I2 term and running the game works.
- Switching languages results in the line becoming literal. Ex, in Russian: "Авторские права \U00002202 2019"
- Switching back to the original language results in the field still being read as literal. I have to stop and replay to get it back.

Unity 2018.3.8
macOS 10.14.3
Textmesh Pro 1.3
I2 Localization 2.8.12

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11 months 1 week ago #3589 by Frank
Most likely the \ before the U, is been converted to a \\ internally.
Will check that up and get back to you.

Thanks for reporting this, and please, don't hesitate in letting me know of any other issue you see. I want to release a new version early next month and as many bug/fixes I can include, the better!

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