LocalizationParamsManager overwrites text

1 year 1 month ago #3564 by plourdegui

Ever since upgrading to Unity 2018.3.6f1, we are facing issues with I2 version 2.8.11 f1

Consider the following code snippet:
TextMeshProUGUI descriptionText = descriptionGo.GetComponent<TextMeshProUGUI>();
descriptionGo.GetComponent<Localize>().SetTerm(I2TermCategory.UpgradeDescription + "/" + upgrade.DescriptionCode);
descriptionText.text = descriptionText.text.Replace("888", "<color=red><b>" + upgrade.AmountFormulaForDescription + "</b></color>");
We used to effectively replace arbitrary placeholders (e.g. 888) with actual numbers. In the example above, 888 would be replaced by something like <color=red><b>30</b></color>.

The reason why we use placeholders in the form of a number such as 888, is because it makes it easy for us to set our strings of text in a Google spreadsheet where each column has the text for a different language.
Then, a special formula translates the content for languages automatically by querying Google Translate. The automatic translation would be messy if the placeholder was anything other than a number (e.g. 888).

So, ever since upgrading, we notice that LocalizationParamsManager calls a method named DoAutoRegister which eventually rewrites the string into its original version, hence making the third line in the snipped above useless.

Could you please advise?

Thanks and regards,

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1 year 1 month ago #3566 by Frank
The problem you are facing is that you are modifying the text directly.
When a label has a Localize component, all the text modification should be done by the Localize component. Otherwise, that modification is overriten whenever the component needs to re-localize (e.g. When switching languages, enabling the object, a new param manager is enabled so that it could localize parameters in that object, etc).

You have several ways of handling what you need:

1- Use parameters ( inter-illusion.com/assets/I2LocalizationManual/Parameters.html )
If the translation of each term "<upgradeDescription>/<descriptionCode>" has the format: "<color=red><b>{[AMOUNT_DESC1]}</b></color>".
And you have a global parameter manager like this one:
	public class GlobalParametersExample : RegisterGlobalParameters
		public override string GetParameterValue( string ParamName )
			if (ParamName == "AMOUNT_DESC1")
				return 30;

			if (ParamName == "AMOUNT_DESC2")
				return GameManager().GeAmountForDescription(2);

			return null;

Then, whenever you do SetTerm, the plugin will query for the amount corresponding to that upgrade parameter and replace the it in the translation.

2- Use Callback ( inter-illusion.com/assets/I2LocalizationManual/Callbacks.html )
If you want more control over the replacement, you can set a callback to execute your own code whenever the SetTerm happens or a re-localization is needed:
public void OnModifyLocalization()
       // if no MainTranslation then skip (most likely this localize component only changes the font)
       if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(Localize.MainTranslation))

       // get the amount from the script tha has that data
       int upgradeAmount = GetComponent<YourScript>().GetAmountForCurrentUpgrade();       

       Localize.MainTranslation = Localize.MainTranslation.Replace("888", "<color=red><b>" + upgradeAmount + "</b></color>");

3- Don't use Localize component at all.
If you have a Localize component attached to the label, then anytime it needs to re-localize it will modify the text.
You could bypass this by removing the Localize component and doing the traslation manually instead of doing SetTerm
TextMeshProUGUI descriptionText = descriptionGo.GetComponent<TextMeshProUGUI>();
string translation = LocalizationManager.GetTranslation(I2TermCategory.UpgradeDescription + "/" + upgrade.DescriptionCode);
descriptionText.text = translation.Replace("888", "<color=red><b>" + upgrade.AmountFormulaForDescription + "</b></color>");

Hope that helps,

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