Nintendo Switch Crash on Start-Up

7 months 5 days ago #3439 by T2TableFlip
Good afternoon,

I'm currently working on the Switch port of our project and after getting the project to successfully compile it fails on start-up when deploying to the dev hardware. Upon reading the consoles output in the target manager, it states that the AutoStart in the Localization Params Manager is the root of the issue, but taking a cursory glance at the code I can't see why. I've shown a copy of the stack trace below.

Any ideas what might be causing this? At present the only solution would be to remove it entirely from the project and see whether that helps at all.


Stack trace:
  0x000000000C49EEB8 LocalizationParamsManager_AutoStart_m889388651+0x118
  0x00000000080938C4 _Z31RuntimeInvoker_Void_t1185182177PFvvEPK10MethodInfoPvPS4_+0x14
  0x000000000B6D458C _ZN6il2cpp2vm7Runtime6InvokeEPK10MethodInfoPvPS5_PP15Il2CppException+0x6C
  0x000000000D38CBD4 _Z23scripting_method_invoke18ScriptingMethodPtr18ScriptingObjectPtrR18ScriptingArgumentsP21ScriptingExceptionPtrb+0x64
  0x000000000D37938C _ZN19ScriptingInvocation6InvokeEP21ScriptingExceptionPtrb+0x5C
  0x000000000D5651D0 _ZN30RuntimeInitializeOnLoadManager23ExecuteInitializeOnLoadENSt3__16vectorIi13stl_allocatorIiL18MemLabelIdentifier13ELi16EEEE+0xF0
  0x000000000D564F50 _ZN30RuntimeInitializeOnLoadManager23ExecuteInitializeOnLoadE25RuntimeInitializeLoadType+0x70
  0x000000000D54F5F0 _ZN14CallbackArray3IKiR18AwakeFromLoadQueue16SceneLoadingModeE6InvokeEiS2_S3_+0x70
  0x000000000D54F508 _ZN18LoadSceneOperation21CompleteAwakeSequenceEv+0x58
  0x000000000D54EE80 _ZN18LoadSceneOperation25PlayerLoadSceneFromThreadEv+0x350
  0x000000000D54F168 _ZN18LoadSceneOperation22CompleteLoadFirstSceneEv+0x18
  0x000000000D54E7BC _ZN18LoadSceneOperation19IntegrateMainThreadEv+0x1EC
  0x000000000D550274 _ZN14PreloadManager26UpdatePreloadingSingleStepENS_21UpdatePreloadingFlagsEi+0x144
  0x000000000D550BEC _ZN14PreloadManager35WaitForAllAsyncOperationsToCompleteEv+0xAC
  0x000000000D51A724 _ZN19RuntimeSceneManager9LoadSceneERKN4core12basic_stringIcNS0_20StringStorageDefaultIcEEEES6_S6_RK9UnityGUIDi16SceneLoadingMode+0x34
  0x000000000D5823F8 _Z21PlayerStartFirstSceneb+0x278
  0x000000000D58276C _Z20PlayerLoadFirstSceneb+0x18C
  0x000000000D372DA4 nnMain+0x9F4
  0x000000001A9C542C (unknown)

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7 months 2 days ago #3446 by Frank
Sorry for the delay, I just checked LocalizationParamsManager source and the AutoStart function was removed a few versions ago.
Updating the latest version of I2 Localization should fix your problem.

Hope that helps,

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7 months 3 hours ago - 7 months 2 hours ago #3464 by T2TableFlip
A quick follow-up to say thanks, I can confirm this resolved the issue and the I2 Localisation no longer causes issues on deployment.

- Tommy
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