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9 months 6 days ago #3433 by Allan
GameSparks support was created by Allan
I'd like to add support for hosting updates to localised text on the GameSparks platform. This would be similar to the way you provide support for Google, but without the localised text having to be in a spreadsheet.

The reason for not using Google would be to keep all our content in one place, so if we do an update there is a single service providing the data.

Looking at the plug-in it doesn't look like it would be difficult to add the extra functionality, but it does look like it would be difficult to make the change in a way that didn't cause problems when updating the plug-in if/when a new version is released.

Do you have any suggestions or thoughts on this?

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9 months 5 days ago #3436 by Frank
Replied by Frank on topic GameSparks support
If I understood correctly, you are trying to host all your localization in the GameSparks server and update from there.
The easiest way to do this, is to follow the same approach used in the documentation for the ImportCSV file.

In there, there is a custom MonoBehaviour that on Start() calls a method DownloadCSV. That uses WWW call to get the data it needs from the server and then updates the localization.

You can either store the data in a CSV file or database text and just do source.Import_CSV as soon as its downloaded.
Or once you download the localization data from the server using your custom script, you can do source.AddTerm(..) and similar calls to create terms and fill out their translations.

Either way, you don't need to change the plugin source as it all happens in your own custom script.

Hope that helps,

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