Issues with LanguageSource on 2018.3

1 year 1 month ago #3388 by pewpew
Hi, i have Dialogue System plugin and I2 in a project. Need to implement instant changes in I2prefab when modify DS DialogueEntry fields and vice versa.

I ve tried to add new Term via AddTerm() or update existing, then:

but I2prefab's inspector view havent changed. What is a correct way to catch up changes in terms and repaint a prefab inspector?

And LocalizationManager.Sources[] adds and hands out a new Language source instance sometimes, makes a Source[0] to null.
I have one inspector window opened, one I2Languages prefab in resources folder, empty scene. But sometimes got exception that object (sources[0]) has been destroyed, or got a nullref/agrument null exception.
LocalizationManager.UpdateSources() didnt help.

Windows 10. 2018.3.0b11 unity, 2.8.7.f1 version of plugin and DS

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1 year 1 month ago #3389 by Frank
Because of the breaking changes in 2018.3 with the new prefab workflow, the older versions of I2 Localization are not compatible.
You should update to the latest version of I2 Localization (v2.8.10 or v2.8.11), as those are the one compatible with 2018.3+.

Hope that helps,

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