Keeping cell colors and pinned column on export

1 year 2 months ago #3372 by GFX47
Hey, that's me again ^^'

I'm using cell colors to know if someone already checked and/or fixed a cell in the shared localization spreadsheet.
The problem is I lose cell colors when exporting (even in "merge" mode) to the spreadsheet.

Also I'm pinning the first 2 columns (key + default language) to ease localization work as the keys are not always explicit enough.
Same problem, it gets overridden when exporting.

Is there a way to fix that?

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1 year 2 months ago #3377 by Frank
By default I2 Localization clears the format/color of the spreadsheets when exporting into Google Spreadsheets.
Initially I thought in keeping whatever color/notes the user sets, but to make it work properly, when inserting/removing terms, the WebService would have to traverse the entire sheet and find where that term was originally and then copy the colors into the new cell given that the cells (even the columns) could have shifted.

Thats not so difficult to implement, but there is a limit of how much time the WebService can run in a day using the Free Google Tier for Google Scripts. Adding the extra code was taking some time and even thought was still acceptable even for lots of syncs a day, it was getting close for bigger teams that do lots of changes and share the same WebService for Development and for Live players.

Anyway, if you are just changing the translations and not deleting terms, a simple solution is to comment the function
function SetupSheetFormat( sheet, range )
in line 212 of the file in the WebService
Notice that after commenting the content of that function, you need to click again "deploy WebService" for the changes to be usable.

Hope that helps,

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