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1 year 2 months ago #3365 by GFX47
Hey, is it possible to store all the terms in a single tab of a google spreadsheet?
I'm croud-sourcing the localization of my game and share the exported google spreadsheet with players, giving them write rights on the language (column) they are willing to help translate. Right now I have to do it for each category/tab, which is very time consuming and prone to errors.

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1 year 2 months ago #3378 by Frank
As you mentioned, I2 Localization exports each base Category into a separate Tab in the Google Spreadsheet.
There is no code to handle merging all into a single sheet, but that can be done by modifying the function

in line 37 of the file Assets\I2\Localization\Scripts\LanguageSource\LanguageSourceData_Export_Google.cs

I haven't tested this (as I'm not in my computer at the moment, but it should work by adding the two lines I marked
		string Export_Google_CreateData()
			List<string> Categories = GetCategories(true);
			StringBuilder Builder = new StringBuilder();

			bool bFirst = true;
			foreach (string category in Categories)
				if (bFirst)
					bFirst = false;

				bool Spreadsheet_SpecializationAsRows = true;

				category = ""; //<- Add this line so that it exports all terms (instead of just the default category)

				string CSV = Export_I2CSV(category, specializationsAsRows:Spreadsheet_SpecializationAsRows);

				break;   //<--- add this line so that it only exports the Default category

			return Builder.ToString();

If it doesn't work, let me know and as soon as I get back to my computer I will do a test and update this code.
Hope that helps,

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