Huge performance hit w/ LocalizationParamsManager

1 year 5 days ago #3264 by fiveamp
During profiling to nail down why I was seeing horrible performance with a scrollview that uses pooling to recycle cells - I found the culprit to be one component, the LocalizationParamsManager component. A bunch of OnEnable's during scrolling consequently calling DoAutoRegister -> LocalizationManager.LocalizeAll(true) -> which then does a bunch of expensive operations that result in massive GC hits (Resources.FindObjectsOfTypeAll, CleanResourceCache, etc). In the below profile snapshot, the spikes are when I scroll the view - causing OnEnable calls for a scrollview of objects that have one LocalizationManager on one text object.

I like to use LocalizationParamsManager for a clean way to add dynamic content to text. Sometimes simple stuff like Level {[NUM]}. This simple example below was causing the above massive performance hit shown above.

Am I doing this wrong? How can I work around this performance hit?

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1 year 7 hours ago #3270 by Frank
The new beta fixes this issue.
I will be uploading to the AssetStore in the next days.

Hope that helps,

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