Can't delete Term in the I2Language Prefab

11 months 3 weeks ago #3215 by pete

So i ran the Tools / Not Localized script (Select No Localized Labels)
then with the multi selection I added the I2 Localzed Component then I ran the Parse / Parse Localized Terms.

I've got a lot of Terms added to the database, but I can't now delete them (or some of them)... each time I click delete, nothing happens.

Also, I have fonts added to the Terms, how come?

Please Help :)

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11 months 2 weeks ago #3216 by Frank
Most likely those terms you are seeing are not actually terms, but suggestions.

What I mean is:
When you open the Terms list or do a full parse, the plugin finds all labels that have a Localize component and see if they have a Term associated. If they don't, then a suggestion is shown for a term with the same name as the label's text.
The same also happens for the fonts. All label's font can be localized, so the plugin suggest you to add a term to localize the font.

But those are not actual terms, you have to click, "Add term to source" to create them.
They are been shown, because in the filter that its on top of the list, you have the "Missings" enable. So, it shows all the terms that could be created.

In the latest version of I2L, the "Missings" filter is disabled by default. So that you only need to enable it from time to time to see if you are missing some term.

Hope that helps,

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