Editor Error in Therms of Type Font

2 years 2 days ago - 1 year 11 months ago #3147 by Max
When trying to add a Font translation term the editor has an ArgumentException in a Dictionary. As a result of this the editor only shows the first language with out the input box. The same error occures on any Type except for text and child. A restart of Unity and the delection of this term didn't solve the problem.
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2 years 1 day ago #3152 by Frank
I have been trying to reproduce this issue without success.
Do you have any steps that could make this happen?

I tried creating a new scene, adding a label, creating a term for the font, assigning fonts to each language, deleting the fonts just in case that's it, having the asset referenced in the Localize component or in the LanguageSource, etc. But I'm not able to reproduce that issue.

From the callstack (BTW, thanks for posting that image!!), it looks like you have an Asset that was deleted and so it is a null element in the references. That's why it gives the error when trying to update the assets dictionary.

Things you can do to see why that happened:
- Open the LanguageSource and check in the Assets Tab, that all assets listed there are valid (i.e. there is no asset missing)
- Open the Localize Component that gives the error and check in the References section that all assets there are valid.

After removing the invalid ones, the error should be fixed.

If that doesn't work, you should do a clean install of the plugin (just in case there is any file that was corrupted when updating the plugin, that happens sometime with Unity). Do: Delete I2 folder, Install I2Localization again.

If that doesn't fix it and you get any more info on how to reproduce this issue, please let me know!!!!


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1 year 11 months ago #3156 by Max
Thanks for looking into it.

I managed to "fix" the problem by reverting the Localize prefab and reimporten the translation termes from the google spreadsheet. Now everything is working normal. I'm assuming that the prefab got somehow into a currupted state, but I'm unable to reproduce the issue. Before the issue happend I imported and exported 2-3 times. Perhaps someting happend there that caused it.

Thank you for this very usefull Asset

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