Lost Nearly All My English Translations

2 years 2 weeks ago #3123 by karlhandley
I've recently purchased the I2 Localization app for Unity.

Generally all is well.

However, and no idea why this has happened, but on two occasions my English text has simply vanished in the Unity Editor. I click on the Resources prefab and can see my French text there, but the English box is blank.

This is very costly for me at the moment and hoping you've heard of this problem and how to fix it.

It happened early in initial use (put this down to me doing something wrong). Everything was going so well for about 4 weeks of on-off personal development - then bang, my English text vanishes.

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2 years 2 weeks ago #3124 by Frank
Most likely what you are seeing is an issue with the Auto Unloading of languages.

When you click to play, the plugin saves all terms into temporal files and then removes them from memory, just keeping the language you are seeing.
That's why if you are in English, the French translations are deleted, and as soon as you change the language to French, then the English is deleted and the French is restored.

Then, when you exit playmode, all translations are restored.

The main problem with this is that if you change your translations or add new terms while in play mode, then the prefab is saved and you lose the unloaded translations. The same also happens if there is a null reference or other error involving the LanguageSource.

In 2.8.6 (the AssetStore version), the editor have the unloading, so, as you play-in-editor it does the unloading and if you try editing, you can lose the changes.

I changed this in 2.8.7 (already sent that version to the store, and its also available in the beta folder). In there, there is a new dropbox in the Languages Tab that defines where the Unloading will happen (NEVER, OnlyInDevices, InDeviceAndEditor). By default is OnlyInDevice.

That way, you are free to edit all your translations while playing in the editor. Then, once you deploy your game to a device it will save memory by doing the unloading.

Hope that helps,

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