Language matching is case-sensitive

2 years 1 month ago #2958 by studenman
I love how flexible I2L is when setting the languages, it's able to find an effective matching language without regard to word order. However, I'm using it with Steam and they refer to languages with lower-case strings like "english."

In LanguageSource.GetLanguageIndex, it calls GetCommonWordInLanguageNames, but this method is case-sensitive.

Slightly funny is that the comment above this code reads:
// Then allow matching "English (Canada)" to "english"
but I don't think it would actually work with lower-case "english". ;)

My solution is to modify these lines in GetCommonWordInLanguageNames:
	string[] Words1 = Language1.ToLower().Split(separators);
	string[] Words2 = Language2.ToLower().Split(separators);

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2 years 1 month ago #2959 by Frank
Thanks for looking into this!
You are absolutely right, AreSameLanguages is correctly using the IgnoreCase comparison, but GetCommonWordInLanguaNames is not.
I will correct this in the next beta.

Thanks for reporting it!!!

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