How to localize a configuration file

2 years 9 months ago #2878 by lzardo2012

I just bought your asset two days ago and I must say, it´s amazing, I was able to configure it and localize most of my project in less than an hour, most of this time spent creating some cool flag icons in photoshop and a language selector.

The dificulty I´m having is, I´m using "Loading Screen", by Lovatto, great asset also, makes my game looks very professional, at least, the loading screens.

In the loading screen I have some information, inserted within it, level description, title, tips, etc...

But, the asset create a file named "SceneLoaderManager.asset", I think it´s a configuration file or something like this...

question is: "how can I localize the text contained in this file? Or, is it possible to access this texts somewhere else? or, is it even possible at all?


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2 years 9 months ago #2894 by Frank
I haven't seen how that plugin works, but it should be pretty straightforward to localize:

Most likely that plugin has an scene or prefab where it has setup the Text objects for all the labels in your Loading Screen.
You should open that prefab or scene and add a Localize component to each of those text objects.

Then, create a term in I2Languages.prefab for each of them (e.g. "LoadingScreen/Title", "LoadingScreen/Tip1", "LoadingScreen/Tip2", etc).
Add to those term all the translations you need and select them in the Localize component you added.

Then, instead of typing the texts in the LoadingScreenManager, type the name of the Terms.

For this part you will need to modify the code of the LoadingScreen plugin. Just find where the plugin changes the text.
Will be something like: XXX.text = YYY;
and change it to XXX.GetComponent<Localize>().SetTerm(YYY);

Hope that helps,

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2 years 9 months ago #2895 by lzardo2012
Hi, Frank!

Thanks for the quick reply!

Well, I found this file, and, according to the developer, it´s where those lists are stored, but I´m unable to bring it to the hierarchy or add your scripts to it or anything but edit the texts, I´m kinda noobie to tell the truth...

I´m attaching a picture of it (since I could not attach the file itself)
Thanks a lot for helping me

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