Google Export Issue with 2.8.3f1

2 years 6 months ago - 2 years 6 months ago #2831 by Skarz3D
Hello, we just upgraded our I2 to the latest asset store version and am encountering an issue when trying to export to our Google sheet.

Key info:
Unity version: 5.6.5f1
I2 Version: 2.8.3f1
Web Service URL: Updated to V5 and verifies fine through I2 in the editor.
Install info: The update was done "clean" (old files (other than ScriptLocalization.cs) were first removed before importing the new package)

When exporting from the game back to google, we get the following to the console. Importing FROM google seems to work fine with no errors.

Send failed since rewinding of the data stream failed
I2.Loc.LocalizationEditor:OnExported_Google(String, String) (at Assets/Middleware/I2/Localization/Scripts/Editor/Localization/LocalizationEditor_Spreadsheet_Google.cs:419)
I2.Loc.LocalizationEditor:CheckForConnection() (at Assets/Middleware/I2/Localization/Scripts/Editor/Localization/LocalizationEditor_Spreadsheet_Google.cs:505)

Unable to access google
I2.Loc.LocalizationEditor:ShowMessage(String, MessageType, Boolean) (at Assets/Middleware/I2/Localization/Scripts/Editor/Localization/LocalizationEditor.cs:268)
I2.Loc.LocalizationEditor:ShowError(String, Boolean) (at Assets/Middleware/I2/Localization/Scripts/Editor/Localization/LocalizationEditor.cs:253)
I2.Loc.LocalizationEditor:OnExported_Google(String, String) (at Assets/Middleware/I2/Localization/Scripts/Editor/Localization/LocalizationEditor_Spreadsheet_Google.cs:420)
I2.Loc.LocalizationEditor:CheckForConnection() (at Assets/Middleware/I2/Localization/Scripts/Editor/Localization/LocalizationEditor_Spreadsheet_Google.cs:505)

Even though the above error happens, it does seem that the data IS actually updated in google when I either do a Merge or a Replace (though the google spreadsheet no longer opens at all - I have to manually do that to verify the data updated).
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2 years 6 months ago #2833 by Frank
In some versions of Unity (5.6 is one of them), there is a bug where www calls with POST, fail to properly redirect the url if the response requires it.
Unfortunately, Google Scripts responses do a redirect to return data, so those calls fail in 5.6.

However, it fails after completing the operation, and given that I'm not returning any data, that failure means nothing.
Feel free to ignore that error message.

Said that, I'm going to add for the next beta a check to avoid showing that specific error when Exporting Spreadsheets, given that we know for sure its not an error, just Unity not handling the www call properly.

Thanks for reporting this,

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