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TOPIC: Re ordering terms

Re ordering terms 9 months 1 week ago #2789

Im very new to I2 localization.
I would like to know if its possible to re order the terms one define in the language source script.
In my game im going to have hundereds of terms I need to keep a consistent ordering.
Thanks alot.
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Re ordering terms 9 months 1 week ago #2791

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Maybe I'm not understanding you correctly. What do you mean by term's order?
Are you referring to the order in the I2Languages.prefab list? or the order in the ScriptLocalization.cs? Or by the order in the exported Spreadsheet?

However, I don't see why ordering will be important. Terms are defined by its name, not by the order they are in the list. (i.e. You set a text to be localized using the term "Tutorial Title", not by the term number 123)

Are you trying to create a tool that manages the term based on their order?
If you give me more details about what you are trying to achieve, and why you need to keep certain order, I will be able to give you more details on how to achieve that goal.
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Re ordering terms 9 months 1 week ago #2793

Okey so by termes I think i mean "class TermData" the thing one creates when clicking on creat key on the inpector of the I2languages.prefab. I have been figuring out more things and from what I can tell you can't re order terms in the inspector of I2languages.prefab but You can transform a spread sheet in to the terms list in I2languages.prefab. Since you can reorder the terms in the spread sheet that should work for me. The main reason I want to order the terms is so that the translater persone. He sees all the terms that are similar together and normaly he will be using a spread sheet to translate the terms in my game. So I think I may have founde the solution to my own problemes its just i I Found it kinda fustrating not to be able to change the order of the terms in the inspector of I2languages.prefab when things tended to point that one should go about translating the game by clicking On the (+) creat key of the inspector of I2languages.prefab. I was thinking what if I make a mistake and i forget to creat a key that was related to something that was added before.
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