2.6.7 f4 - Issues with terms after Google Sync

4 years 3 hours ago - 4 years 2 hours ago #1634 by jimmyt3d
Hi Frank,

I have been using the new 2.6.7 f4 for the last few days and I have now found a new problem.

Certain text items in my project are reverting back to either the default text or the name of the KEY itself on the second boot after a google sync.

Initially it happened as follows...

- Make build and run 1st time
- Everything appears OK
- Run build a second time
= Problem occurs

I noticed that the spreadsheet dropdown in the plugin had reverted back to an older version of the spreadsheet, so I assumed the problem may have been caused by it attempting to look at an older spreadsheet. I noticed it kept reverting back to this old spreadsheet in the dropdown every time I made a new build.
So I deleted the old spreadsheet, did a new webservice and made a new spreadsheet, did an import/export and made a new build.
This fixed the problem when following the above steps and the text in question appeared fine.

However, as soon as a change is made to the spreadsheet the problem starts again when you boot it a second time after the sync.

- Make a new build, delete playerprefs, stay online
- Run build
- All text appears fine
- Close build and re-open
- All text appears fine
- Close build
- Make a change to the spreadsheet
- Open build
- All text appears fine and the new change is pulled down correctly
- Now close and reopen build
= The problem occurs and now stays in the build until the playerprefs are deleted

If you do the above steps without the internet there are no problems, so it is definitely to do with the spreadsheet sync.

Edit - After doing another new build, it is now doing it on 2nd boot even without a spreadsheet change, but as it syncs with the sheet on first boot anyway, I assume the cause is still the same.

It appears to be reverting back to the text that is appearing in the 'Text' box in the inspector, rather than the text that is in the source for that key.
Some of them are showing up as 'KEY_BUTTON_1' etc, which is the name of the key itself, rather than the translated text.
I have hundreds of text boxes throughout the project and it is only happening with the odd few, many are text items that I have not touched in months.

Even if you change the text on the spreadsheet of one of the affected items, the text does not change after a sync, it appears to completely ignore the plugin as the affected text won't even change language either (all other text changes and syncs fine).

It is the same text items every time and often it is the same terms that are at fault, but in some cases the same term appears fine in one scene and broken in another.

The only way I can fix it is by completely deleting the individual text objects and putting them back in again. I have literally hundreds of text items in total, so to go through and check each one is not only going to be time consuming but is not going to guarantee I find each one.
I would rather the problem be fixed instead of just deleting and putting things back in.

The problem does NOT happen when running the game in the editor and it worked fine on previous versions of the plugin.

I appreciate this is not a release version, so understand there will be bugs, but I'm going to need a fix for this before I can release my project.

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3 years 11 months ago - 3 years 11 months ago #1637 by jimmyt3d
Hi Frank,

I've found the cause of the issue.

All the text items that are broken somehow have had their terms duplicated in the source (sometimes more than once) and are looking at the duplicates instead of the originals.
When the spreadsheet is output to Google, the duplicates are not included.
Therefore when the spreadsheet syncs up when the build is run, the spreadsheet without the duplicates overwrites the baked version which does have the duplicates.
The text items in question have then lost their term link and so default back to whatever is displayed in the 'Text' box in the inspector.
Then they do not function, whatever the language is set to.

The duplicates are appearing with slight differences in upper/lower case which seems to have prompted the duplication. This may have occurred at some point while clicking through the terms in the source for the affected text and the same text in a different case has entered the text box.
It was also potentially caused by updating the plugin, as the duplicates were not there before.
I have 'Case Insensitive' ticked and I've never changed it.

Luckily it has only affected 6 terms across 20-30 items in my project, so I have manually gone through and repointed them all back to the correct term and the duplicates have now automatically disappeared from the source once they are no longer used.

It looks as though the plugin source allows duplicates, but the output spreadsheet does not.

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