I got errors while installing the asset

1 month 3 days ago #4452 by pashok77007
I got errors while installing the asset, but the "Tools" tab did not appear (apparently due to errors).
I understand that the automatic configuration of "define symbols"
didn't work.
I manually installed everything as written in the "define symbols" instructions, but I don't have the "TK2D" plugin where can I get it in this case?
Or what should I do if I don't need this platinum in the project? Sorry for my English! But I want to make games! :)
I tried to get support on the site: inter-illusion.com/forum
But when registering, a captcha error with subtraction of numbers appears)) but I'm definitely doing everything right.
P.S. I managed to register by opening a private window in the browser.
Apparently my browser extensions were blocking registration!
here is the img - prnt.sc/1x8xr9k
Answer me: pashok77010{a}gmail.com

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