can't get the parameters to work properly...

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In my terms I have one called Common.Swarm_Number, which I've put as " Swarm {[Swarm_Num]}

Then, in my menu screen, I've added a localization params manager, and made a parameter called "Swarm_Num", which I set to 1.

Now, when I call "get translation", it should just automatically recognize that {[Swarm_Num]} is a parameter, look for it, and add it in, right?

So what gives? What am I doing wrong?


In my menu game object (which has a child object button with text on it that I'm trying to localize), I run
private void Awake()

        LocalizationParamsManager locparams = this.gameObject.AddComponent<LocalizationParamsManager>();
        LocalizationParamsManager.ParamValue swarm_num = new LocalizationParamsManager.ParamValue();
        swarm_num.Name = "Swarm_Num";
        swarm_num.Value = swarm_in_question.ToString();

and then later on


Common.Swarm_Number = "Swarm {[Swarm_Num]}"
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