Problem replacing parameters in RTL languages

2 weeks 5 days ago #4252 by mferrier

I customize my game text by replacing parameters. For example, with the string "Hi, {[username]}" that has ID "home_hi" I will do the following:

LocalizationManager.GetTranslation("home_hi").Replace("{[username]}", player_username)

This normally works fine, but fails when translating to a RTL language such as Arabic.

When I view the Arabic translation in I2 Localization, it correctly looks like this:

مرحبًا {[username]}

But when I call LocalizationManager.GetTranslation("home_hi"), I get back this string:

@@}鱀@@ ﺎًﺒﺣﺮﻣ

Note that in I2 Localization it is being displayed L2R, and the returned string is R2L.

It appears that the returned string is also reversing the "{[username]}" characters, and then interpreting those reversed bytes as fewer, higher unicode code points.

This problem with RTL languages also breaks formatting code that I include in my strings, such as <color=red>.

What is the correct way to embed parameters and formatting in text that will be translated to R2L languages?

Thank you.

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