How to set terms type on Google Sheets

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I searched a lot for it and I couldn't properly identify how I can set the type of a term in Google Sheets.

My problem is:
I have to swap between Text Mesh Fonts for some translations and also between Sprites for others. But everytime I refresh my google sheet on my game, those terms reset as normal Font, and it's tiresome to set them to the right type every time in the "i2Languages" scriptable object. I'm sure there should be an easier way to do so. I set the Text Mesh Font as secondary, by the way.

I'm using:
Google Sheets and Unity 2019.2.1.

I've found some similar issues that said that I should write which term type the term is as a Note. Which I tryed, but I'm not sure if I wrote it properly. I wrote "Sprite" and "Text Mesh P Font". How should it be? (I was not able to find it anywhere).

I'm sorry if that's a noob question, but really, please help me out :(
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