IndexOutOfRange when Baking Terms

5 months 2 weeks ago #3907 by Junya
Hello Inter Illusion.

I am a developer in Japan enjoying your wonderful localization tool.
(sorry for my poor English in advance)

I have been using I2 Localization for a few months and find it very helpful for managing my texts.
Today, when I tried to add a few terms to the spreadsheet and bake them for use within scripts, it started giving me the following "IndexOutOfRangeException" errors.
I have done the same thing many times before, but somehow it doesn't seem to work anymore.
I thought it might be because I was using an older version, so I updated to the newest version, but it seems to not change.

-The full Error message is as below:
IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range.
I2.Loc.LocalizationEditor.ScriptTool_AdjustTerm (System.String Term, Boolean allowFullLength) (at Assets/I2/Localization/Scripts/Editor/Localization/LocalizationEditor_Tools_Script.cs:208)
I2.Loc.LocalizationEditor.BuildScriptWithSelectedTerms (System.Text.StringBuilder sbTrans, System.Text.StringBuilder sbTerms) (at Assets/I2/Localization/Scripts/Editor/Localization/LocalizationEditor_Tools_Script.cs:146)
I2.Loc.LocalizationEditor.BuildScriptWithSelectedTerms () (at Assets/I2/Localization/Scripts/Editor/Localization/LocalizationEditor_Tools_Script.cs:102)
UnityEditor.EditorApplication.Internal_CallUpdateFunctions () (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/editor/EditorApplicationBindings.gen.cs:249)

-What I did to get the Error
1.update Spreadsheet(Spreadsheets > Import > Replace)
2.Go to Tools > Script tab.
3.Select all terms(press"All"button)
4.Press "Build Script with Selected Terms" button

I suspected it might be something to do with the "Max Length of the Generated Terms IDs" value,
so I tried with other numbers like 500 and 5000, but this seemed to not make any difference.

Could you point me to what I may be doing wrong?
Any help is much appreciated!

-My specs are as follows:
I2 Localization 2.8.12 f1
using : GoogleSpreadSheet
Using Japanese, English and Chinese characters in the spreadsheets
number of sheets : 8 at the moment
number of terms : around 500 at the moment

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