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Hello there,
Our game is coming up in three weeks, and I came across an unexpected issue!

I have a lot of text in my project that doesn't use the I2Localize component, because they are dynamic texts that either change a lot (like dialog box) or are made of several localized terms. So I just set them manually using
myText.text = ScriptLocalization.Get(term)

But I just realized I need to swap font depending on the language.
So how could make texts that don't use I2Localize component work with the I2 font swapping system?
- Should I set manually the font for each text, retrieving the proper font for the current language? => If so, could you tell me how to access that information using the API?
- Should I add I2Localize components on my dynamic texts, and use SetTerm to change them? => If so, how should I handle texts that are made of several distinct terms? Should I edit the text manually (like before) and somehow prevent it to be overriden by the I2Localize term selected?
- Or other leads?

EDIT: I started to setup font families, but everytime I import fonts terms from the google sheet, their type in the I2Languages prefab is switched back from "Font" to "Text".,. How to prevent that ?

I'm a bit lost, thanks for your help!
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